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Academic Enrichment through Inclusive Education

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After School Programs and Homework Assistance

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Individualized Academic Programs to reinforce Learning

Registered Center For Math Kangaroo in USA( International Olympiad in Math USA - 2018).
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Young Intellects Programs

After School Programs

We provide after school enrichment programs which keep children safe as they are escorted to the designated room, right after their regular school hours end.

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Our main goal is to provide high standards of education in a creative and fun way. Our curriculum and materials are completely in-house customized by Young Intellects and help children unleash their inner potential.
We encourage children to communicate and work individually through our Inductive Teaching Methods. Our well researched Weekly Booklets help children to reinforce learning. These booklets enable us to track the child’s progress monthly. We provide place, time and resources to help children focus on their homework and enable independent problem solving skills.
We organize enrichment activities (dance, art & craft, coding classes, public speaking classes) every school year with no additional cost. The enrollment in the after school program is all it takes for your child to be enrolled in these enrichment activities.
We are open until 6 on all the school days. We work in accordance with the school calendar.

Registration open for next school year, register early to
reserve your spot.


Math- Trix uses mental calculation technique to teach the basics of math in a more enjoyable way. These techniques helps kids learn and enhance their math skills outside the school curriculum.

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In each session, we have a structured system to teach essential mathematical and polynomial calculations in a way that is simpler and more enjoyable, than its modern mathematic equivalents. We also provide Weekly Booklets above the kids’ grade level and also assist them in doing them.
Highlights of the program:

  • Small group and Grade wise instruction
  • Trained Teachers
  • 4: 1 teacher student ratio

What is it about: Why it's worthwhile
  • Learn and refine the mathematical strategies.
  • Learn mental calculation techniques.
  • Build a strong foundation for higher level mathematics.
  • Explore techniques that are not covered in school.
  • Solidify mathematical concepts

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Enrichment Programs

We offer varied enrichment programs like: Art & Craft, Oil Pastel Painting, Science & Engineering Robotics, Coding ( Scratch & Python), Scrum & Agile, Public Speaking, Science Experiments, Personal Finance, Creative Writing, Budding Entrepreneurs, Fusion Dance

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Back up Camps for Holidays

We provide full day camps and care during the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring breaks. We have a structured activity planned grade wise in these camps and make it fun and enjoyable for children during their holidays.

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We also provide enrichment programs like Robotics, Art & Craft, Math tricks class and Coding classes. We have one field trip in each camp and we start the day at 9 AM and end at 6 PM.

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Why Us

Dear Parents,

        Welcome to Young Intellects Academy! We are excited to have the opportunity to serve you and your children. We strongly believe that every child is unique and that there is no one size fits all theory. Our services range from After school programs, Individualized Academic Programs, Math clubs, Enrichment Programs and many more. Enrichment programs include:
Art & Craft
Oil Pastel Painting
Public Speaking
Science & Engineering Robotics
Coding classes ( Scratch & Python)
Hindi & Spanish
Science Experiments
Budding Entrepreneurs
Personal Finance
Creative Writing
Agile &Scrum
Fusion Dance
We believe in providing a wide spectrum for children to explore and learn from it. All our programs provide the right guidance and a conducive environment to reinforce learning and Independent problem solving skills.
Children who are struggling to meet the school standards because of their own learning challenges or language barriers benefit a lot from our programs. Mainly through our the After School Programs, we provide structure, offer connection with others, provide more academic help, and create occasions for children of any age to develop new skills.
Our goal is to try and make all our children feel special, no matter what their needs are!
-The Young Intellects Team

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